About Us

Young Native Designs was created by a Los Angeles Native American student originally as a design project. Being part of the Tigua Puebloan Tribe located in El Paso Texas, there was a want and need to showcase that heritage that is not commonly seen in fashion or streetwear trends. Our Mission is to combine fashion and street wear with heritage and spirituality. Over a span of 5 years this brand has been curated and nurtured into what you see now. We want to push boundaries on how clothing is viewed and ultimately how it's used. YND wants to bring something new to the street wear market by providing items that are not only reliable and affordable but will also metaphysically help you with the daily stresses of life. Every design, every product, & every garment is made and sent out with this highest intent of love possible. We are here to create, inspire and share the love with others. 

Our philosophy is as old as time;
Treat those as you would want others to treat you.
We believe in unity and with the power of bringing people together we can create a better world for tomorrow.